Engage Your Customers!

If you haven’t heard of the 80/20 rule, listen up. Closing the deal is the goal but only 20 percent of your social interactions should overtly push a promotion or discount. 80 percent is engaging and 100 percent of your effort should always be building a long term customer relationship. Get to know your market then communicate with a strong, educated voice that will influence your customer. And be consistent; a cohesive voice across all channels.

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Get Social. Excite Shopping.

Make it easy to shop. Today’s millennials shop in bursts so make it easy to get the product within your message. A photo can click to cart with the product already reach for check-out. Your social campaigns should easily transition to a website and back to social. And don’t forget a customer is an influencer so make it easy to share. Drive traffic, convert, share. Repeat.

Fan Out!

We give your customers something to talk about. We educate them beyond the product and excite conversation. This conversation gets noticed and drives traffic back to your site. Build a fan base and watch your brand influence a marketplace.

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