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As much as fresh air helps clear the mind, helping someone in need nourishes the soul. Today, many businesses start because an entrepreneur is compelled to make a difference: with their invention, innovation, or mission. Today we call this social responsibility or philanthropy.

Contribution to a community in which you sell your product or deliver your message is imperative to the success of your business.  Our goal is to help companies find the compassion within their passion; like a fitness entrepreneur who ultimately builds gyms for schools or donates product to rehabilitation centers so people can find their strength.

When we worked with Perfect Pushup, platoon commander and founder, Alden Mills, was very interested in connecting his product to individuals in need, especially military men and women rehabilitating from injuries sustained in combat. Having the understanding of what it takes to donate, participate, and make a difference helped the company contribute to many individuals and facilities.

The act of stepping out of ourselves to help another creates community and perspective for everyone.

Our Pro Bono Work in the Community

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Marin Women's Commission | Pro Bono