Our Clients and Case Studies


Sun Busters is an Australian and US-based makers of sun protective clothing. Their needed to get in shape before bathing suit season. With a category experiencing accelerated growth and research prompting many major brands to step in and capitalize on a new trend in swimwear, the company needed to act fast to establish itself as a leading provider of well-designed active wear that offered the highest amount of sun protection for children.

Challenge: Create a fresh corporate identity and marketing strategy that would perform as well as the sun protection in the company’s line of activewear.

Results: Three designs and one winning strategy helped increase sales and brand awareness in the market. The company was acquired within a year of the refresh.

Within the first week we compiled data and consumer feedback as well as samples from like-minded companies around the world. The best approach was to design in phases so the client could give feedback, we could benchmark with key target customers, and work toward a winning brand refresh.

The press materials were fresh, yet established Sun Busters as a resource for information on sun protection for children. The company received the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval.

In less than two months, Sun Busters adopted the recommended campaign, “Go Play, We’ve Got You Covered” on its website, collateral, hang tags, and promotions. The designs were cohesive, imparting a high standard in graphic design, while giving each collection its own personality.