Our Clients and Case Studies


Sarah Oliver is an unconventional artist whose unique handbag designs are born from the time-honored tradition of the knitting circle – and guided by her modern and eclectic vision.

Sarah Oliver Handbags offer elegant, designer purses, clutches, shoulder bags, and totes with a twist: every exquisite bag is made by The Purlettes, a unique knitting team comprised of talented senior citizens.

Challenge: How do you go from cottage industry to brand? Sarah Oliver and her creative team came to us for strategic guidance to build a communications plan that would help accelerate growth.

Results: With a start-up budget we created very direct actions to help the company expand. We became an extra set of hands to move the mission forward. From naming designs to creating product description copy, to executing a PR plan, and supporting the decision making process in community bazaars to national trade shows – Sarah Oliver Handbags grew from local stores to international handbag designer without sacrificing the founding philosophy. When the team caught up to the activity, we transitioned the plan and supported when needed.