Challenge: Launch a product in the $44 billion dollar beauty industry. If you need a quick fix for rogue grays, and in between color appointments, Rootstix temporary hair color is the answer.

Delivering more than a temporary fix, our team built a responsive website featuring both men and women using Rootstix, created a “How To” video then engaged with a resonate voice via social channels.

Our goal was to create a presence and deliver a turnkey approach for our client. The big AHA moment was proving customers would order more than one at a time and that men are great customers!

  • It's All Good Media, INC | Client Case Study | Rootstix

Launching a product is like conducting an orchestra and we deliver a fine tuned program. We supported the Rootstix site build with solid SEO, a library of print and digital ads with copy and attributes included, press releases and media lists, and a Social Media playbook for quick reference.

When the six month retainer finished, we continued to support building sales materials and implemented the product launch to help our client stay focused on product and packaging adjustments.

Like Rootstix, we are always available for creative touch-ups and like most of our clients we maintain a relationship beyond the end of the contract.