Former Navy SEAL Platoon Commander, Alden Mills, came to us with a mission: Become the leading in-home fitness equipment company. With a slab of clay in the shape of a difibulator, Mr. Mills set out to perfect his product while we got to work building a strategy and campaign to turn on the strength of men and women across the nation and world.

Obstacles: A limited budget in a category won by multi-million dollar media buying campaigns.

Results: We approached the DR market with a very active, hands-on approach and revolutionized the traditional DR philosophy – “Spend more to sell more.”

Pefect Pushup Marketing & Advertising

Within two weeks we had the creative “Get Ripped” campaign ready to execute into the holiday season. Results were immediate and allowed the Company to build off each week’s success. Additionally, we worked to execute advertising, PR, promotions and events in multiple mediums and markets which helped increase brand awareness of the product and establish the company as a leading resource for getting fit.

Celebrity A-list endorsements were secured with no fee but based on building relationships. Perfect Pushup was seen in the hands of Jamie Foxx, Dwight Howard, Jay Leno, Danny Bonaduce, Snoop, and even Playboy Bunnies at the mansion. In less than a year, Perfect Pushup became a household name selling millions of units throughout the world.