LivingPlug delivers more plugs while reducing energy in the home with its decorative INLET outlet cover. The challenge is to make consumers realize this new outlet as a design opportunity in the sustainable home decorating market.

We swiftly created a cohesive marketing strategy providing cross channel communication that focused on continuity of message. We identified the most valuable customer and helped the company prioritize efforts. PR plays an important factor when building a new channel in the emerging “Smart Home” category and we secured key placement in major lifestyle magazines to confirm product positioning, price, and line extensions.

LivingPlug SF Chronicle

Targeting Sectors with Social to Increase Sales: Proving direction means targeting your message. Working with a finite budget we identified key demographics and regions to test messaging and transactions. The results helped us build a plan that could roll out methodically and within a defined budget.

Daily Engagement is Key to Building Influencers:
• Daily engagement across all social media channels
• Optimizing the site & updating creatively
• Re-targeting campaigns
• Advertising from print to digital
• Socializing all messaging & communicating directly with media