Hyatt Marketing & Advertising

From Corporate to Community

we put more heads in the beds


Hotel Marketing

Challenge: Increase occupancy when Corporate Business Cools. Faced with a decrease in local corporate accounts we tapped into the community to increase occupancy and establish a relationship with the neighbors.

Just down the street from Spring Training Camps, we hit it out of the park developing the ‘Double Play Points’ Rewards Program while at the same time establishing the hotel as the perfect venue for poolside engagement parties, rehearsal parties, and community organization events. The programs included unique creative for keycards, restaurant placemats, Signage at Elevators and doors, logo’d lip balms and sunscreens, and water bottles which increased hotel transactions.

Additionally, we built an event calendar to help hotel staff connect with local opportunities and an editorial calendar to build local press and exposure through national opportunities.

Social Responsibility & Community Outreach

Hyatt Place Mesa is staffed by locals involved with the community. To help engage and support families in surrounding neighborhoods we created the Hyatt Helpers, character role models to help educate guests and their families about Hyatt Place’s sustainability and community involvement. Over 5,000 students participated in the naming of the characters and coloring contest which helped increase awareness about recycling and reducing energy in the community.