Challenge: Reposition a 40+ year brick & mortar brand. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pets, The Clapper, Ove Glove and a plethora of gift products you’ve seen on TV needed to mobilize on digital.

We quickly took to task rebuilding the company website and making it responsive, optimized and created an aggressive social media campaign, then launched a full Public Relations plan. By Halloween, Chia Zombies were moaning to life and the holiday buzz increased traffic and impressions tenfold. Establishing a long range content calendar with creative assets packed in helped give the company a road map they could implement and evolve with internal resources. Ch-Ch-Ch-Change is good!

Social: Chia Pets are a high touch activity and novelty gift item which excites conversation every product gives the site visitor a reason to share a story.

Extending the website refresh to social channels is what we do best. We created a visually compelling execution across all channels then developed a communication strategy that is cohesive, engaging, and excites the transaction.